Al Fadhel Al Kabeer

Electricity for everyone!
– Not a problem thanks to distributed installations.

Safety in construction and use

Al Fadhel Al Kabeer Company has developed and is continually updating a comprehensive safety programme in order to fulfill the highest safety and health standards. The prime objectives of our safety and health programme are to provide a safe and healthy working environment, free of hazards, for all project employees and visitors and eliminate personal injury, equipment, and property damage. We formulated safety procedures focused on achieving a safe and healthy working environment. The key to our success is establishing responsibility and accountability, at all levels, for the safety and health programme on each project.
  • Our employees are our most important asset and the key to success of our safety and health programme.
  • Management, at all levels, is responsible for preventing injuries.
  • Employees must be trained to work safely.
  • All deficiencies must be corrected as soon as possible.
  • Developing good off-the-job safety habits is as important as good on-the-job safety habits.

Our project managers are the leaders of our safety team at the job site and are responsible for accident prevention and the reduction of on-the-job injuries. To assist the project manager in implementing and coordinating all safety, fire prevention, and first aid programmes, a full-time safety supervisor is assigned to our projects depending on the size and potential safety hazards of the work. Substantial effort is made by general construction management to cultivate a positive safety attitude at every level.

Safe work in progress