Al Fadhel Al Kabeer

Al Fadhel Al Kabeer energy systems
– mobile, stationary or retrofit

Bringing power to the infrastructure of a region

No matter how remote a region may be Al Fadhel Al Kabeer brings electricity to the people with stationary or mobile systems. Because of the industrial nature of our company, we are one of the leading companies in Iraq especially in MV switchgears.

In addition, Al Fadhel Al Kabeer Co. has a long experience in retrofitting old medium voltage control panels MCB, which are no longer supported by the manufacturer. This experience was achieved through the business partnering with SZM GmbH, a well-known German company in the field of retrofitting. Our company has an authorization letter from SZM for representing them inside Iraq and through which many retrofit contracts were carried out successfully.

Mobile Substations

With mobile substations we can bring electric energy everywhere it is needed. This makes us a specialist for countries with weak or damaged infrastructure. Moreover, we can respond to every demand of power within a short range of time.

Stationary Substations

With stationary substations we can build a solid infrastructure of electrical power. We develop solutions that provides a stable and continuous power supply in accordance with the local geographic conditions and demands setting highest standards.

Moreover, we modernize existing systems retrofitting them with modern equipment for a longer life cycle.