Al Fadhel Al Kabeer

Al Fadhel Al Kabeer
– because energy means life

With competence, passion and dynamics

Coming from Iraq, Al Fadhel Al Kabeer Co. is highly experienced in working in countries with infrastructure yet to be developed and remote places. Our competence extend to transformers, both distribution and power, compact substations for the secondary distribution networks, stationary and mobile substations either for the primary distribution as well as for the transmission networks.

Taking leadership in compact substations

We are one of the leading companies in manufacturing and installing compact substations (KIOSK). High numbers of such substations were ordered by factories, institutions, companies – both private and governmental – all over Iraq.

The company has a multi-level warehouse fully equipped with all necessary mechanical and electrical equipment and tools required for electrical works.

The high quality of our compact substation is gained by the fully equipped warehouse and experienced staff in manufacturing, installing and testing the substation components.

The high quality of our compact substation is gained by the fully equipped warehouse and experienced staff in manufacturing, installing and testing the substation components.

Our company’s special tools and equipment necessary for this work include:

1- CNC Bunching Machine 2- Bus Bar Processing Systems 3- Bending Machine

Our processes include:
– Manufacturing MV switchgears (8DA & NXPLUS C)
– Supplying electrical transformers in different capacities (power and distribution transformers)
– Manufacturing / assembling compact substations (KIOSK) with different capacities
– Manufacturing LV MCB
– Building and installing mobile substations
– Lab/site testing for electrical equipment / substations

More than electrical power:
our additional competences

Al Fadhel Al Kabeer Co. also is highly experienced in water purification technology in terms of manufacturing, installing and commissioning water treatment units and reverse osmosis units with all capacities.

The company has its own plan for safety, health and environment which is applied precisely in all our projects. The safe environment free of hazardous material and ensuring the safety of workers and visitors represents our primary concern.

The company has a solid financial foundation and a highly skilled management and staff, with certified experience proven via the participation in different workshops and training courses.

Quality without compromise

Working with partners, like FEAG or Siemens, requires strict quality regulations. This is the reason why our products and solutions, such as the KIOSK substations, are produced with an outstanding quality.
Our company has the quality system certificates
ISO 9001:2008,
OHSAS 18001:2007,
ISO 14001:2004.

The best partners from all over the world

Al Fadhel AL Kabeer Co. has an exclusive agency agreement with FEAG GmbH – a well-known company producing mobile and compact substations all over the world.

Siemens is our company’s main supplier – they also signed a contract with Al Fadhel Al Kabeer Co. for manufacturing MV switchgears 8DA and NXPLUS C. This contract includes training programs for the company staff in wiring, testing and installation.

Accordingly, the company has nominated staff in order to take part in those training programs. Hence, many of our staff have participating certificates and practical site installation certificates. This partnering business has thus improved our staff skill, work style and knowledge.