Whatthey said about us...

"We authorize them to sell our following goods at their own name and risk in the southern part of Iraq:11 kV and 33kV gas insulated switchgears.Thanking you in advance for your esteemed cooperation"Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

"We are pleased assure you our authorization for the sale and the distribution of our compact units UCCM AQUABLOC ? in the name of your company in Misan Governorat. This authorization is valid only for the project in ref. of our offer No 197.205 rev. 00, offers in the name of Al Fadhel Al Kabeer, concerning the supply of 5 compact units of 200 m3/h and of 15 compact units of 50 m3/h UCCM AQUABLOC ? and it are non exclusive. The present letter authorizes your company to present our technical and commercial offer which accompanies your commercial offer with the final Customer. It does not authorize your company to sign a contract in the name of Swiss Water Power SA, any withdrawal of tender, correspondences, technical and commercial offers and contracts with the final Customer must be made in the name of your company Al Fadhel Al Kabeer, and we authorize you to diffuse with the Customer our documents, correspondences and our offers that we addressed to you. By the present letter, we commit ourselves delivering the equipment and the units in accordance with our technical and commercial offer to you, after acceptance and confirmation of your share of the commercial and technical conditions of our proposal. Swiss Water Power SA is to in no case neither dependent, nor responsability in charge for your engagements with the final Customer, and our responsibility will not be able to in no case to be blamed. In waiting of your information and by thanking you by advance, please accept, Dear Sir, in our sincere and respectful greetings. Pour Swiss Water Power SA Patrick de Pacht?re, President "

"I have known and worked with Al-Fadhel Al-Kabeer co. for the last 7 monthes. I have found them to be very trustworthy and reliable people. The quality of their work is to a very high standard."WO2 F.Kelly, PSLT Electricity

Al-Fadhel Al-Kabeer.